Evandro Agazzi
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Evandro Agazzi (Bergamo, 1934) is emeritus professor of the Universities of Fribourg (Switzerland) and Genoa (Italy), and professor at the Metropolitan Autonomous University (UAM) of Mexico. He is President of the International Academy of Philosophy of Science, was President (and is at present Honorary President) of the International Federation of the Philosophical Societies and of the International Institute of Philosophy. Logic, philosophy and history of science, ethics of science, metaphysics are the fields he has especially cultivated. His production includes more than 70 authored or edited volumes and more than 900 scientific papers.


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Evandro Agazzi, Alberto Cordero, Jan Faye, Hans Lenk, Fabio Minazzi, Peter Mittelstaedt, Boris Kožnjah, Paul Weingartner, Jure Zovko

Science and interpretation

(Proceedings of the international conference of Zadar, 6-10 September 2010)

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