Franco Palla

Franco Palla is Associate Professor of “Environmental and Applied Botanical Sciences” at the University of Palermo, Italy. He is involved in the Academic Five-Year Degree Course in Conservation and Restoration of Cultural Heritage, both as teacher and Vice-Coordinator. He is a Member of the National Order of Biologists of the Commission for the Protection of Cultural Heritage; Scienti? c coordinator of UNIPA Research Unit - Project PON01_00625, IT@CHA (Italian Technology for Advanced Applications in Cultural Assets). He is one of the members of the working group of experts in the Italy-Cambodia Cooperation Project “Training of Cultural Heritage Experts”, University of Palermo – Royal University of Fine Art and Ministry for Culture and Fine Arts, Angkor, Cambodia. He is a Scienti? c Consultant in the ? eld of biological deterioration, in restoration projects regarding archaeological sites, works of art and historical-artistic artefacts. Professor Palla is also a member of the Advisory Board of the Journal “Conservation Science in Cultural Heritage”. He is currently scienti? c coordinator of the Laboratory of Biology and Biotechnology for Cultural Heritage at the Department of Biological, Chemical and Pharmaceutical Sciences and Technologies (STEBICEF) at the University of Palermo.

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