Emmanuele Morandi
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Emmanuele Morandi (1961-2015) was Assistant professor at University of Verona (Italy), Department of Philosophy, Education, Psychology. His research field included social theory, social ontology and the relationship between classical and modern sociological perspectives. He was the author of many books and articles, including “The future is behind us. Aristotelian causality and sociological realism”, in Sociological Realism (edited by Andrea Maccarini, Emmanuele Morandi and Riccardo Prandini), Routledge, London 2011 and La società è un “uomo in grande”: per riscoprire la sociologia degli “antichi”, Marietti 1820, Milano-Genova 2010.

Emmanuele Morandi

Experiencing Society

Eric Voegelin’s criticism of sociologism

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