Foreign Rights

MIMESIS EDIZIONI is an Italian leading publishing house in the field of humanities founded in 1987 as a cultural association which became Ltd in 2006.
Its catalogue includes over 5.000 titles by the most important International philosophers and thinkers in both Eastern and Western culture. Today, Mimesis Group also houses the Jouvence and Società Aperta imprints.

Mimesis works in synergy and close collaboration with several universities and cultural centres across Europe. A strong cosmopolitan spirit is the basis for our decision to publish texts in different languages:

Italian (
English (
French (
German (

Other languages are used in its scientific journals too.

Our full support for freedom of thought and our willingness to encourage new ideas have naturally led Mimesis to expand its range of action towards new areas, related or complementary to our consolidated philosophical publishing. These fields include social sciences, history, politics, psychology, photography, and Italian, European and global current events, which we have been successfully promoting in Italy for decades.

Mimesis is committed to respond in a unique and original way to the challenges posed by today’s publishing industry, in order to take an active part in the contemporary cultural context, marked by the role of the new media, through an ever-increasing interaction between different fields of knowledge.