In Plato’s Repubblic the thesis of “the advantage of stronger” is hold by Thrasymachus through the argument of Ruler as a Good Shepherd, used by Homer to rappresent royality; but in the platonic dialogue this image may have a relation with anthropophagy, for what concerns the destiny of sheeps. It is possible that Thrasymachus had in mind the imperialistic Athenian policy inaugurated by Pericles that destroyed Melo and struggled Megara, as testified by Thucydides and rappresented by Aristophanes. The model may be the mythic shepherd king Poliphemus, who knows the right nomos, that also Odysseus pretends to pratise in order to defense his own property; it is right if it happens in a closed and private space. Now, the problem that remains is: can Europe be considered a closed space?

Keywords: Dike; Nomos; Stronger’s advantage; Good Shepherd; Anthropophagy; Cave; Colonialism.