Philosophische Anthropologie als Triangulierung: Tier-/Mensch-, Maschine-/Mensch-, Mensch- /Mensch-Vergleich


Modern philosophical anthropology methodically opens up the “essence”, the “structure” of the human being through the detour of contrastive comparison: the vertical animal/human comparison is prominent here, but also the lateral comparison of the different socio-cultural manifestations of the “humans” among themselves. When in the digital age the “machines” surround the human world like never before and penetrate the “human being”, the machine/human comparison urges itself as another third series of comparisons to the characterization of the special position of humans. This article systematically includes this diagonal machine/human comparison in the methodological procedure of philosophical anthropology, in addition to the vertical animal/human comparison and the lateral human/human comparison, in order to make the complex peculiarity of the “human” describable in this triangulation.

Keywords: Philosophical Anthropology; Comparison; Animal- human comparison; Machine-human comparison; Human- human comparison; Triangulation.