The essay deals with the difference from a theoretical point of view, articulating it in a phenomenological-existential way. The mentioned question is rethought from the perspective of the question of the global sense of human existence. The question of sense opens up the horizons of a mystery, of which the modes and the main figure through which it manifests itself are explored. The mystery of sense is expressed in the mode of an abyssal gratuitousness. It takes the form of an exuberant differentiation that articulates the various regional scenographies of human existence. The essay proposes a reinterpretation of the well-known theme of conatus essendi, placing it under the sign of differentiation, rather than identity, as was the case in the philosophical tradition. The essay concludes with some reflections on freedom, seen as a special articulation of the conatus, which may close or open voluntarily – as in the case of love – towards differentiation.

Keywords: Human Existence; Sense; Mystery; Gratuitousness; Differentiation.