“We came out of the shadows, we had no glory and we had no rights, and that is why we are beginning to speak and to tell of our history”: this sentence, spoken by Foucault during the course at the Collège de France entitled, Nousavons à défendre la société could be the slogan of all forms of emergency of a dissenting word. The infamous, literally the one who is unworthy of men’s memory, tries to get out of hell by launching a tirade against the power that subjects and silences him. His word is a belligerent, performative one, doing immediately what it says. It is similar to the declaration of war directed to Franco Basaglia by an inmate in the asylum of Gorizia: “Doctor, you can also buld us a hospital made of gold, but we will always remain enemies: you are the healthy one, who in the evening returns home, and I am the patient who, because of his illness, is deprived of his liberty”.