CIRPIT Review n. 6 - 2015

Raimon Panikkar Symposium - San Diego, November 2014

A cura di: Joseph Prabhu, Young-Chan Ro

Collana: Cirpit Review
2016, 118 pp.
ISBN: 9788857534336
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From the Editors

Introductions to papers


Erik J. Ranstrom, Ph.D.,

Karma and the Incarnation: An Intra-Panikkarrian Reflection

Peter C. Phan

Raimon Panikkar’s “eschatology”: the unpublished chapter 

Young-chan Ro

From Epistemology to Ontology in Raimon Panikkar 

Mark Banas

Interreligious Hermeneutics: Dialectical or Dialogical

Anselm K. Min

Panikkar’s Radical Trinitarianism: Reflections on Panikkar’s Transformation of the Christian Trinity into Cosmotheandrism

Joseph Prabhu

The Encounter of Religions in a Globalized World: Provocations from Panikkar

CIRPIT Activities