We publish here an extract of a wide photo-reportage on the last life months of Criminal lunatic asylums of Aversa, the oldest in Italy. From February to June 2016, Salvatore Di Vilio recorded the slow emptying of cells and wards, the decompression of the spaces, the rarefaction of the subjects. The end of institution is captured in the unusual empty and in another distribution of the bodies. Without clamor, it remains only the gray scandal of the everyday life; until June 15, when the photography for the first time give us the image of the cellophane of the last inmates of a lunatic asylum. But this is an apparent emptiness, the institution is just waiting to become full again: it has quietly painted the walls just abandoned, he raised a castle beds and it has become already prison.

Keywords: Judicial Psychiatric Hospitals; Criminal Lunatic Asylums; Photography; Total Institution; Aversa.