Creative Cities

Which (Historic) Urban Landscape

A cura di: Sas?a Dobric?ic?; Marco Acri

Collana: Architettura
2017, 180 pp.
ISBN: 9788857547954
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A conference held in Venice at ETCAEH, the programme in Heritage Studies established by the University of Nova Gorica and IUAV, in parallel with the first debates at UNESCO on Historic Urban Landscape, gave birth to this book. A book that talks about historic preservation and creativity, but also about communities and civic engagement, disaster management, assessment needs, urban planning and anthropology. A book that itself questions the very idea of urban landscape, asking for a new approach that may go beyond previous convictions, practices and praxes, encountering the needs of a more global society. This is why this volume has been organized to offer a small but due overview on the development of the idea of Historic Urban Landscape, integrated by the views and perspectives of geographers, economists and sociologists who may be called to contribute in planning (historic) cities in a more holistic manner. The urban landscape is not only the historic one and this is why the contribution on social creativity is fundamental: in making a place, in making ‘the’ place.

Saša Dobri?i?, architect, is professor and director of the ETCAEH programme at the University of Nova Gorica. Beyond interests in architecture and design in historic environments, her research expands to landscape aesthetics.

Marco Acri, Conservation Architect, is research assistant at the ETCAEH programme, University of Nova Gorica. His main focuses are on traditional buildings values and social awareness raising on heritage preservation.