The exclusion of persons with disabilities is a permanent feature in the history of humanity. It has taken decades to confirm the link between a condition of disability and the concept of discrimination. This article intends to retrace, from a cultural and legal point of view, the long road that led to the definition of discrimination based on disability. Drawing conclusions from the analysis of the first three years of activity of the “Franco Bomprezzi” Anti-discrimination Centre run by LEDHA, the article aims to look at the current situation regarding the application of Law 67/2006, the Italian legislation prohibiting any form of discrimination based on disability. Our analysis confirms the potential of promoting the rights of persons with disabilities through anti-discrimination protection actions. However, the day that discrimination suffered by persons with disabilities will be actually considered a serious violation of human rights is still a long way away. The path to this goal encourages the active participation of an increasing number of persons with disabilities in identifying and contrasting the many forms of discrimination still hidden today.

Keywords: disability; discrimination; inclusion; legislation; court.