Sensibilia n° 12. Moods

ANNO XLVII, IV SERIE N° 14, 2/2019

Collana: Studi di estetica
2019, 314 pp.
ISBN: 9788857562674
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Marginalia on Politische Stimmungen
Elena Alessiato

Parker’s mood. Emotional atmospheres and musical expressiveness in jazz
Alessandro Bertinetto

Intelligenza e emozioni. L’impatto delle emozioni estetiche sull’intelligenza emotiva
Gianluca Consoli

On the natural history of reconstruction. The affective space of post-earthquake landscapes
Federico De Matteis

Emozioni, moods e atmosfere nella percezione della musica
Nicola Di Stefano

In the mood. Valorisation of moods in an aesthetic economy
Carsten Friberg

In a neo-phenomenological mood: Stimmungen or atmospheres?
Tonino Griffero

The spatial character of atmospheres: being-affected and corporeal interactions in the context of collective feelings
Hilge Landweer

Mood, ki, humors: elements and atmospheres between Europe and Japan
Lorenzo Marinucci

La linea d’ombra di Joseph Conrad tra mood e Stimmung
Giampiero Moretti

Atmospheric spaces, encarnation, and language acquisition. The “Montaigne Program” for European students
Werner Mu?ller-Pelzer

In the mood
Tiziana Pangrazi

A cosmological aesthetics: feelings and events in A.N. Withehead
Giulio Piatti

“Si rinasce, ancor sento la vita qui...”. Mood, atmosferico e atmosfera nell’opera lirica: due scene di morte a confronto
Federica Scassillo

Geiger and Wollheim on expressive properties and expressive perception
Ingrid Vendrell Ferran