This paper aims to investigate the relationship between human beings and space, paying particular attention to the different ways of thinking about physical distance and highlighting how they intertwine with the ways of conceiving inter-human relations. Firstly, an examination of the etymological roots of ‘isolation’, followed by the analysis of some of the most famous verses by Paul Verlaine, will allow a deeper insight on the correlation between distance and the sense of estrangement and separateness. The architectural works of Sou Fujimoto, with the support of Heidegger’s words, will then invite to look at distance as an “in-between space”, where the very concept of separation fades away. Finally, Lee Ufan’s art and Hartmut Rosa’s sociological reflections will help to glimpse the “in-between space” as a “space of resonance”, able to offer itself, to those who learn to dwell in it, as a place of encounter and dialogue.