In this article, we report on our experience of training new primary school teachers in inclusive education, from a Freirean instructor’s perspective, aware of the challenges posed to teaching by this educational paradigm. This report is based on the objectives and contents presented during a training session on inclusive education, in which we invited the new teachers to become aware of the systems of discrimination that hinder the egalitarian mission of the school and the learning of pupils with disabilities, and to change their practice towards greater inclusiveness. While emphasizing the principles of accessibilization and differentiation that support inclusive practices, we implemented a Freirean praxis in responding to the expectations of the teachers for practical solutions, by asking them to perform an inclusive activity that can be directly implemented in class. After relating the inclusive paradigm to the principles of a pedagogy of equality, we finally invited the teachers to progressively construct their own engaged and critical Freirean posture towards inclusive education and its more segregated counterpart, the integrative paradigm.