Jean Gran-Aymerich

Scientific Method Steps: Archaeology is Not a Job?

Collana: Adamas
2023, 456 pp.
ISBN: 9788857594989
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I would like to share most of my archaeological adventures and discoveries, by offering a panorama of my career path likely to interest different categories of readers. Each chapter works autonomously and can be read independently from the others. This volume includes publication extracts in French or Spanish, some of them in English, Italian or German. The selection of texts, as well as images that are by the author, reflects the progresses of my investigations and the adopted methods. The introductions to the chapters ensure the connection and cohesion of the whole work. The first part deals with the study of objects, for the mostly part Etruscan vases examined in the main museums in Paris, Rome, the Vatican, Brussels, London, Madrid, Tunisia etc. The second part concerns my excavations and fieldworks in France, Italy, Spain, Western Sahara and Tunisia. The last part brings out the methodological, cultural and interdisciplinary aspects of my career.